Mohawk Warriors occupy High Park in Toronto

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Headlines, High Park Occupation, Jeff's Blogs, Land claims, Natives, Toronto

May 17, 2011

By Jeff Parkinson 

In protest of cyclists riding through a section of Toronto’s High Park that they claim was once a cemetery, a group of Mohawk Warriors have set up camp complete with tents and warrior flags. 

They brought shovels and picks which they’re using to carve out ridges they claim were made by mountain bikers, they’ve strung up tarps between the old oak trees for added shelter, and they say they’re not leaving. 

Does Mohawks squatting in a park where they claim there’s a cemetery that nobody has ever heard of sound familiar to anyone else?

Parkdale – High Park Councillor Sarah Doucette met with the occupiers last Tuesday and told the National Post that she’s “ok” with the “sit in” despite the fact that the city had archaeologists test the area in question and they found nothing. Visitors are not allowed to stay in the park at night, but she’s ok with that law being broken too. 

In fact her statement to the National Post is somewhat bizarre as she seems to be tripping over herself to appease the occupiers. Here’s what she had to say (bold highlights added by me).

The city has had archeologists go and test, they’ve had about 40 test pits, and it does not show it to be a burial mound. However, we realize that the BMX bikes, as great as exercise and fresh air for these kids as it is, we want to return High Park to what it should be,”

We have requested that they not be in the park at night time. It’s trespassing if you’re in there during that time. Eleven Division police have been brilliant, they’re going to be going by there more often,” said Ms. Doucette, who is focused now on finding a new location for the BMX bikers”

She acknowledges that there is NO burial ground, and that the Natives are committing a crime, and then says the Police are brilliant because they’re going to “be going by” the scene of the crime “more often”.

It gets even stranger. While Peter Kuitenbrouwer of the Post was on the scene interviewing the occupiers, a flatbed truck showed up to deliver a cement bunker to the Natives to use as storage for their tools. Would anyone like to guess where they got the bunker?

Did the occupiers pay to purchase or rent it and have it delivered to the park? No.

Did the nearest Band Council or perhaps an advocacy group pay for it? No.

It’s on loan from the City of Toronto who are also providing a porta potty. Toronto taxpayers are footing the bill for equipment that will enable the Mohawks to more comfortably trespass, but surely the police are going to put a stop to this nonsense because this is Toronto after all.

Staff-Sgt. Niels Sondergaard of 11 Division told the Post “they are not trespassers” “The city has not called us to do anything”.

So the city and the police don’t care about an illegal occupation in a park for families by a group that has been labeled a terrorist organization? For any time that I may have ever said this would never happen in Toronto, I stand corrected. 

Fear and appeasement clearly know no boundaries in Ontario.

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  1. Kevin Clark says:

    It has been mentioned in the Toronto Star that this group is a fraud/hoex. The acclaimed leader is not even a legit member of a First Nation and has been known as a trouble maker before making similar claims to the Red Hill Creek during it’s construction.
    We will soon learn that it is McGuinty pulling all the strings as the liberal politic continues to slide into it’s swan song.
    90% of the population is asleep and needs to be awakened.

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