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By A. Hill, Native resident of Ohsweken. 

May 28, 2007

In every dispute there are two sides. On each of those two sides it is hoped that one can present a reasonable and justified means for the conflict at hand. In my own personal opinion the Confederacy has been nothing but hypocrites with regards to the fifteen month land claim dispute on the DCE.

I have lived on Six Nations all of my life and the Caledonia protest has ignited feelings of anger and frustration towards those who are representing our community at the negotiations table. Unfortunately the Six Nations Community as a whole is portrayed very negatively thanks to those Native Protesters at DCE who continuously fulfill many of the stereotypes placed upon native people.

The hypocrisy demonstration by these people of the Confederacy is unbelievable.Caledonia was disrespected as a community the day that the occupation began. It is not any one citizen’s fault that the occupation is happening and I am sick of hearing people say that Caledonia citizens need to “calm down”.

It is completely unnecessary to dig up roads, cut off hydro, deface property, and especially hurt or threaten a member of the O.P.P. The Native Protesters on DCE fail to demonstrate any respect for anyone but their own selected few, and because of this do not deserve any respect from anyone else.

 In my opinion the most disgraceful insult demonstrated by the DCE protesters was the day that a hole was cut in the middle of the Canadian flag. I don’t care who you are, common sense and respect dictate that if one is residing in Canada then one should respect it. I know that many Six Nations people do not consider themselves a Canadian citizen but I am not one of them. I am proud to be a Canadian.

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On a personal note, I would like to thank & applaud this resident of Six Nations for having the courage to come forward and speak his mind. Strong voices like yours need to be heard from all communities in the middle of this horror.

A non Native man fighting a horrific battle with a Band Council to get his children back after the death of his Native wife. Native Authorities stole this man’s children after his wife died and refuse to obey a court order to return them.

This really is a story you have to hear to believe. Courtesy of – Dial up version also avaliable.