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Video Proof and complete coverage

Who is Shawn Brant?

 23 Minute MUST SEE Video Proof of Terrorist Threat to Canada

Courtesy of Dial Up version also available

 Sat, April 22, 2006

You knew with CN Rail hauling $102 million a day in cargo through the Toronto-Montreal corridor it was not going to be a blockade that would last long. The only question was how would it end? Peacefully and by negotiation? Or violently through force?

A lot of it hinged on what was happening with the talks at the standoff at Caledonia and a court injunction obtained by CN. Eventually the native protesters liked what they heard and by 8:30 p.m. last night, a deal was reached.

“I swear if they don’t settle that dispute in Caledonia soon we will be back,” said Brandy Brant. “If they don’t there will be immediate action and we will be back in full force.” They gave us an ultimatum. They said leave or get arrested. Does that sound like negotiation to you? I am a Mohawk and nobody is going to tell me to leave my land.”

You might think they are spoiling for a fight down here. The protesters, upset about the arrest of native protesters at a standoff near Caledonia, were making no bones about it. They were ready for a battle.

“Yeah,” said Mohawk Warrior (Terrorist) Shawn Brant, who acted as the leader of the group. “Absolutely.”

A lot of the Mohawks looked prepared for action. Some had knives on their belts and others carried backpacks, not revealing what was inside. Some were thugs. One smashed a Global TV cameraman’s camera and others threatened to beat up journalists.

“It’s Rural Terrorism” Said one police officer at the scene

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Now apparently the masked warriors don’t even have to show up to halt a project as gigantic as WalMart. The mere threat to do so has stopped construction of this super center in Dunville.

Courtesy of dial up version also available

This is not an article I ever wanted to write, but Friday’s (May 31/07) release of the “shameful coverup” by the Ipperwash Inquiry, the announcement that the federal government wants to reward the Douglas Creek Estates criminals with a $125,000,000 payment to Six Nations, and today’s release of a frightening video [dial-up] of Mohawk Warrior terrorist Shawn Brant threatening Canada leaves me no choice.

Our country is at a very dangerous crossroads. One road leads to a nation ruled by laws where all citizens are equal; the other leads to a black hole where law-abiding citizens realize that the police and government will not protect them from native criminals, and are forced to take the law into their own hands in order to defend themselves.

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A 23-year-old man on the lam for nearly a year after an incident during the Caledonia land dispute probably wishes he didn’t stop for pizza Tuesday night in Cornwall.

The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service watched as a suspicious 2007 Dodge Caravan drove off the east end of Cornwall Island around 10 p.m., toward a Pizza Hut on Brookdale Ave. in Cornwall.

Police approached the vehicle in the parking lot and learned the driver’s licence was suspended. The officers also noticed a stash of contraband cigarettes in the vehicle. After running through their checks, police discovered the driver has been wanted by OPP since June 9, 2006, when there were three violent incidents in Caledonia in a one-hour span.

Skylar Williams, of Ohsweken was arrested and turned over to the OPP.

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By Donna Pitcher, Haldimand’s Unheard Voice

I am a law-abiding citizen and find it absolutely “Criminal” that our Government and the OPP are condoning violence. I am sure that they would boldly disagree with my personal opinion, but their recent actions have proven me correct.

I find today that I feel helpless and dispirited for the road we are going down. When I started my blog in May of this year, it was because I had issues with our local council here in Haldimand County, I now find myself involved in much bigger issues that no level of government can get right. It seemed simple to me at the time when I got involved; all we needed to do was to ensure that there is “One Law for All“.

Well that is easier said then done! Now that the Ipperwash Report is final, all “Hell” seems to be breaking loose, just read the papers! We are “ALL” being Threatened! I am not a person that enjoys being negative, but how can one not help but see that we are in “serious trouble” here!

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A group that accuses police of being too easy on aboriginal protesters claims it is being muzzled after it was refused meeting space in an eastern Ontario town facing a land dispute with local Mohawks.

“It’s typical suppression of free speech,” said Gary McHale, after trying unsuccessfully to book the Lion’s Club hall in Deseronto, Ont., on behalf of a group that’s been critical of the way police have handled an ongoing Six Nations occupation in Caledonia, Ont., and runs the website Caledonia Wake Up Call.

A group of protesters from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory near Deseronto, Ont., has occupied a quarry close to the town for more than two months, and McHale said he wants to help town residents.

“The purpose of our meeting was to teach people how to gather evidence and how to file police service complaints,” said McHale, who is from Richmond Hill, Ont.

McHale was told he could not book the hall in Deseronto because local functions take precedence over events from out of town.

He said he doesn’t believe that’s the real reason his group was turned away, and that his group will try other means to meet with Deseronto residents.

Caledonia Wake Up Call accuses Ontario Provincial Police of allowing aboriginal protesters to break the law and of not protecting non-aboriginals during an occupation such as the one in Caledonia.

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An official with the company that owns the Wal-Mart property confirmed this week the project is back on track.

Scott Dutchak, of Calloway REIT also indicated that officials from his firm will be meeting with representatives of the Six Nations.

“We want to be good neighbours with Six Nations,” said Dutchak, in the wake of a meeting held Tuesday between representatives from Calloway REIT and members of the Six Nations Confederacy.

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Six Nations Confederacy negotiators dismissed Canada’s offer of $125 million for four land and money issues last week and volleyed back their demand for a return of land. Land is what we need. Land is what we’re after and land is what we’re going to get,” said Cayuga Sub-Chief Leroy Hill.

On May 30, Canada presented a $125 million offer at the Haldimand Tract lands table meeting. Members of Six Nations found the financial offer insulting and insufficient.

“Canada has taken the position they don’t have land. What are they living on and it’s our land,” said Chief MacNaughton. “We need to get through this stage of denial and start talking about it.”

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Six Nations Confederacy Council chiefs reminded the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO), projects going on within the Haldimand Tract have not received Six Nations approval nor has Six Nations been compensated for them.

Onondaga bench warmer Ron Thomas warned Ontario they will have trouble crossing Six Nations lands with their unapproved projects.
“We didn’t support Ontario’s growth plan. You want to turn this place here into the city of Toronto with your new highways, bridges. You’re doubling the number of people you want to migrate here. Our message to Ontario, to your bosses is, we like it the way it is.”

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Turtle Island News
June 6, 2007

This rather complex document covers the following:

Block 5 Moulton Township, Flooding by The Welland Canal. Burtch Tract, Ratification, Grand River Navigation Company Investment, On Going Activities.

A sample of their demands on “On Going Activities”:

1. Payment for the Hamilton/Port Dover Plank Road
2. An accounting for the purported land sales of the Tier of Lots along the Hamilton/Port Dover Plank Road (all without prejudice to the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations position that no valid surrender exists)
3. The Nathan Gage Lands in the Townplot of Brantford
4. Outstanding Lands from Nichol Township to the Source of The Grand River.

(Edit: If I may sum up what I see in this long list. “Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme”)

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Native leader Phil Fontaine and the Liberals are opposing a Conservative bill that would extend equal human rights protections to First Nations groups, because they say it does not follows the recommendations of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

“First Nations leaders are pressing for an appropriate response, and Bill C-44 isn’t that … because we’re looking for an appropriate transition period. And we want to make sure First Nations governments can address these matters that would be brought forward as a result of the change.”

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