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By Gary McHale: Editor-

In my mind it had been clear that the Ontario Government, along with the OPP and Haldimand County, were working together to end my Right to Freedom of Expression as guaranteed by our Charter of Rights. Direct proof of this conspiracy was hard to come by until Fantino did what people in positions of power don’t do, and that was provide written evidence to support my belief.

What Fantino also did was to admit that he had a “mutual understanding” as to how to handle me. What exactly is this backroom ‘understanding’ that Fantino admits to? If he feels it is okay to threaten Haldimand Council in an email then what exactly has he said behind closed doors?

What makes Fantino’s email the ‘smoking gun’ in my view is that he sent his email directly to senior members of McGuinty’s Government.

The Government who repeatedly stated that they have no direct involvement in the OPP operations in Caledonia. But why then does McGuinty’s Chief of Staff and McGuinty’s Press Secretary need to know that Fantino is directly trying to intimidate Haldimand County? What was the response by McGuinty’s staff to the fact that Fantino was threatening elected officials?

Back in July of 2006, Chris Morley, named in the countersuit, threatened CHTV for having me on TV. Long before Fantino started his 3 month campaign of defamation against me we had McGuinty’s office trying to punish a media outlet for reporting the news. 

We need to remember that Fantino stated in his email that he would encourage individual officers to sue me or council members. Is anyone surprised to see that 22 officers have filed a lawsuit against me? Guess who is paying for the legal fees for these officers? The OPPA lawyer is the lawyer for these 22 officers.

What is so great about this countersuit, in my view, is that we now have the legal right to all email & correspondence between all these people. All in-camera meetings at Haldimand County with Fantino are now subject to this lawsuit. I now have the Right to know what ‘mutual understanding’ means between Fantino and Haldimand County.

I will remind people that on Dec. 15, 2006, Mayor Trainer stated on radio that the OPP should arrest me and the very next day I was arrested by the OPP and spent the night in jail even though they knew they had no charges against me.

Where is Free Speech in this Province? What is McGuinty’s involvement in directing the OPP and taking part in the defamation? 

We will find the answers in court.

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During the past weeks, both the Town of Deseronto and the Deseronto Legion have turned down our requests to rent a meeting room so that we and some Caledonia residents can speak to citizens directly about issues related to policing and the use of violence and intimidation by native thugs during land claims.

Our goal was to pass on some critical lessons we have learned with respect to a topic in which we have – unfortunately – become reluctant experts. We wanted to share information about the peaceful, lawful methods we are using to reach out to the media, to our government and to our fellow citizens to ensure that Canada remains a nation whose values include: the rule of law; equality under the law; and respect for the Charter of Rights and the decisions of the Supreme Court.

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A Manitoba First Nations chief whose controversial comments made national headlines is refusing to step down, even though a band watchdog group has voted to remove him and his councillors from office. Speaking to news organizations last month, Chief Terry Nelson of the Roseau River First Nation said: “There’s only one way to deal with a white man. You either pick up a gun or you stand between him and his money.”

Late last month, the Custom Council of the Roseau River First Nation served a notice of non-confidence in Nelson and his council and ordered a new election for the positions. “He’s humiliating us, embarrassing us. We don’t want to be portrayed as terrorists. We have to put a stop to this,”

Nelson says he supports the Custom Council’s right to recall democratically elected officials, but says this particular council hasn’t followed proper procedures for appointing members. A decision made in a secret meeting, possibly without quorum, can’t be valid, he said.

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The Hamilton Spectator(Jun 11, 2007)

A Richmond Hill man who runs a website critical of the provincial police’s conduct in Caledonia has responded to a $7.2-million lawsuit filed against him by 22 OPP officers who say they were defamed on his site with his own counter claim.

Gary McHale announced the launch of his own suit yesterday afternoon at a town hall meeting in Caledonia.

“It is clear they are trying to silence our free speech and it’s not going to work,” said McHale yesterday.

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