In my last editorial I talked about how I came to be a part of Caledonia Wakeup Call. With the threat to our Country growing each day and the government making no effort to stop this Terrorism, it’s going to be up to us the citizens of Canada to take back control by sending a loud clear message to those who are supposed to represent us that we will NOT stand for this.

The closer we get to June 29th, the more people are taking an interest in what’s happening as this isn’t about a little town in Haldimand County anymore. The truth is that it never was for the criminals who are behind this, and as more towns become victims, more residents will want to get involved. If you’re a Canadian you should want to be involved because this is a direct attack on your way of life!

Not everyone is able to dedicate the majority of their time to this fight, and understandably many don’t want the risks that some of us have taken, so I’m going to tell you right now how you can personally make a real difference in this fight with just a little time and effort. If you have any of the following you have the power to help us change the system.

  1. A camcorder and if possible the ability to upload video to your computer.
  2. A simple camera digital or otherwise
  3. A pair of eyes, and ears.

A civilian watchdog group has been set up by Caledonia Wakeup Call which can be found at  Via this new site you can forward information, photo’s and video of events to us and provide valuable evidence not only to show the public what’s really happening out there, but to file complaints when warranted with the Ontario Civilian Commission for Police Services. More about that in a moment, but first a look at what can be done simply by having citizens who are willing to watch as things unfold and report them to us.

On May 17th 2007, a Native wielding an AK-47 was spotted on DCE screaming death threats at a young woman holding a baby. The OPP were immediately informed and came to watch. They quite literally watched and made no effort to intervene. The nearby Notre Dame School was put into lockdown as this maniac stood nearby with a machine gun in hand committing a crime that would result in anyone else being charged with Uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm not to even mention the charges for possessing a weapon that is prohibited in Canada. As the OPP made no effort to stop him, he proceeded to a smoke shop just outside of Caledonia which he riddled with bullets before blowing a hole through the arm of an innocent Native man who was working at the store.

Caledonia Wakeup Call was able to cover this story from beginning to end long before the mainstream media picked it up, and much more in depth than they ever reported because of citizens who simply watched and reported to us what was happening at the time. To this day the Mainstream media has not reported that it was an AK-47 and during the 6pm newscast, it was simply reported that “a shooting has taken place outside of Caledonia”. The OPP were on the news telling everyone that the incident had “nothing to do with DCE”. Thanks to our coverage they had no choice by the 11pm news but to admit they were investigating “any possible connection”. Crime scene photos are available here.

Why is this important? Armed with nothing more than some citizens who were willing to keep an eye on the situation and report back to us, and 3 guys sitting at their computers, we were able to break a massive news story before anyone else and able to provide the public with the brutal truth that to this day the Mainstream media has not covered and the OPP won’t admit to.

On May 24, 2007, Native Terrorists shut down a construction site in Hagersville, and with 5 people including myself on the scene throughout the day; we were able to provide exclusive coverage that went far beyond what the MSM reported. After the Terrorists left having forced the developer to agree to stop construction, the MSM left and armed with only a camcorder I was able to get enough evidence to file 4 OCCPS complaints against the OPP for actions that took place after everyone else thought the story had ended for the day, and another huge exclusive to show the public. The OPP not only threatened me with a lawsuit if I dared to air video of a Staff Sgt who was on duty and speaking to a member of the public at the time, but only minutes later I filmed 2 officers helping Natives erect an illegal barricade at the entrance of the property to keep the legal owner out.

The fact that I represent Caledonia Wakeup Call had nothing to do with why I was able to do this. As a Canadian citizen I stood on a public sidewalk and watched with tape rolling as the OPP (figuratively) shot themselves in the foot. You do not need to “stir anything up”, confront anyone, start any fights, or do anything controversial to get this critical evidence, you simply stand and watch and listen. When you see an officer doing something questionable you politely ask for his or her badge number and you document it. Then you send it to us, and the OPP become unable to hide from accountability because we show the entire Country what they are up to. When appropriate, official complaints will be filed against individual officers.

When an OCCPS complaint is filed against an officer, the commissioner has no choice but to conduct an investigation into the conduct of the officer to determine what if any action should be taken against them. If he fails to find any wrong doing, the decision can be appealed at which time it will be investigated by either a civilian commission, or a different police force. A long paper trail is created, and these complaints are considered a very serious matter by Police officers so how likely is an officer who is investigated for misconduct to repeat the same offence again? At some point officers are going to start to get the message that they are not omnipotent and the citizens who pay their wages are going to hold them accountable for their actions so they had best stop abusing us.

Depending on the offence you are able to document, a complaint against Julian Fantino himself may be warranted in which case Solicitor General Monty Kwinter has to perform a full investigation complete with a mountain of paperwork. He may be able to whitewash a few complaints, but at some point the paper trail is going to be far too thick for the group of Fantino, Kwinter, and McGuinty to ignore and hide from the public. When abandoning law and order in favor of appeasing the Native agenda starts to become a legitimate threat to the jobs of officers and the commissioner, a change of policy is inevitable.

We now know this threat to be far from contained to Caledonia, Haldimand County, or even Ontario. Anything in Canada that these Terrorists decide they want to lay claim to is up for grabs. What parcels of land they think they own is kept secret until they attack, and if you are within striking distance of an occupation or event (railway blockade, road blockade, attack on a power grid, gas line, phone line etc) then you have the power to do something about it.

The strong clear message we need to send to the corrupt Police forces who stand and idly watch terrorism taking place, and the Governments both Provincial and Federal is simple. We the public will no longer sit quiet while our way of life is flushed down the drain, and to the police in particular ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME may well be watching your actions and inactions for the express purpose of holding you accountable.

I would encourage anyone who wants to join us in taking action to visit  to see how simply you can report an event and send us evidence, and  to see for yourself the largest online database in existence on Native Terrorism in Canada.

The other thing you can do to make a difference is to donate to our fight for Canada’s freedom. Every event or meeting we hold costs money. The core group of Caledonia Wakeup Call has abandoned their normal lives and dedicates every day to fighting for the freedom of our Country. Most importantly, when election time comes, we need to mount a large campaign to ensure that every citizen people like McGuinty have fought to keep in the dark about this horror learns the truth about their “leader”. Every penny donated goes directly into a fund we are building for the exclusive purpose of keeping Canadians informed, and ensuring the defeat of Dalton McGuinty this fall.


The first step to this end will be the publishing of a nationwide magazine entitled “Canada at the Crossroads” which will be packed with exclusive and extensive information and photos that the government never wanted you to see. No matter how large or small your contribution, it will make a difference.

A few tips on how to most effectively investigate and collect evidence during an occupation or attack by Native Criminals.

  1. Don’t tell anyone what you’re really doing. It’s entirely normal for onlookers to gather when something like this takes place. You are just another face in the crowd as far as the Police are concerned.
  2. Keep your eyes and ears open to what the media is ignoring. Is an officer attempting to explain the situation to citizens? Document what he or she is saying and get their name and badge number. If an officer is talking to the criminals within earshot of you, document that as well.
  3. Be polite but firm. If the police attempt to dismiss a question document it. Get their name and badge number. They are required to identify themselves when asked. Ignore any attempt by the criminals to antagonize you. The odds are high that they have someone keeping an eye on the crowd too and they want angry reactions to show as “racism” to help justify their actions, and spread their hatred.
  4. Details, Details, Details. When reporting an event, the more information you have to share with us, the more we have to share with Canada and use against those who seek to oppress your freedom.  

With these simple actions, you can become a powerful part of the fight to free your Country from the grip of Terrorism. Many of our sources do not wish to be identified publicly, and if this is your preference you can be assured that nobody will ever know your name.

Stay safe, stay alert, and stay proud to be Canadian!

 Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. Ty Ritchie says:

    I *would* say that this is terrorism, except for the fact that there’s no need to be terrorized by these people. The OPP and the rest of the country can be scared straight, but I ain’t.

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