On the morning of June 17, two kids tossed a volleyball sized piece of rock from the Sterling Road Bridge into traffic. One car swerved out of its path, the rock bounced off the road and shattered the next car’s windshield. The kids got away.

On the evening of June 18, I pulled into the Baptist Church parking lot, where a cruiser was sitting. There were two young male officers inside. The conversation went as follows:

ME: Good evening

Officers 1 & 2: Good Evening

ME: I have a question. Given what happened yesterday morning could you tell me why there is not a cruiser on each of the overpass bridges?

Officer 1: That’s a good question

ME: I’d appreciate an answer. What happened could happen again and someone could get killed.

Officer 2: We’d have to cross native land to get to those bridges.

ME: So?

Officer 2: We can’t drive there.

At that point I turned and walked away.

This is a warning to anyone who drives Highway #6 around Caledonia and who also values their life.

Read the full story here

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